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Full Rubber on the Street-20120624-002

Wellie in his new Rubber Catsuit on the Street again on 20120624

My friend Wellie was in his new Rubber Catsuit on the Street again!  So far it’s the third week that he was dressing in full rubber on the street: rubber […]

My Gates Firefighter 2000 Safety Wellingtons Rubber Boots Arrived!

It’s really hard to find some hot rubber boots in the USA, well, maybe even in Europe, not many neither. I found out this pair red gates firefighter 2000 safety […]

rubber surf suit with black rubber boots

Wellie with Rubber Surf Suit inside his Overalls

This week, wellie went to Sweden to have his work in a farm, so I asked him to wear rubber surf suit inside his overalls, and plus a black rubber […]

bullseye rubber boots

Bullseye Rubber Boots with Blue Jeans

A little bored at home, so wear my favorite boots 😉  Bullseye Rubber Boots is one of the common wellies for our rubber wellington lovers, looks like really sexy.