Wellie in his new Rubber Catsuit on the Street again on 20120624

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My friend Wellie was in his new Rubber Catsuit on the Street again!  So far it’s the third week that he was dressing in full rubber on the street: rubber catsuit, rubber jeans, rubber jacket, and of course, rubber boots. He said he had been wearing this outfit for the whole Sunday! I am really glad that he keep his promise and continue wearing rubber on the street. People always say they will do something, but when it comes to a long time commitment, not many people will keep the promise.

Wearing Rubber in a Resturant-20120624-003

This pic is when he was having dinner with his bf in a restaurant, and in full rubber of course. pity the pic is not clear enough.

In a Rubber sleepbag-20120624-009

After on the street in rubber, he went to a party…and been immobilized by rubber still!

Full Rubber on the Street-20120624-002

In his “normal ” outfit on the street! he is just a pervert rubber whore!


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  1. now that what we all like so see a rubber guy in full rubber on the street and in wellingtons mmmmm but no rubber gloves


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