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Wellie’s Rubbergimp Trip in UK (11 Layers of RUBBER)

Rubber Whore Wellie had a rubbergimp trip in UK last week, he was ordered to wear several layers of rubber in the airplane, then added to 11 layers of rubber in a […]

In Gear at Home – 201010

I am organizing my old pics in my NAS lately, so find out some in gear at home pics to share :))     A little messy in my room, […]

Full Rubber on the Street-20120624-002

Wellie in his new Rubber Catsuit on the Street again on 20120624

My friend Wellie was in his new Rubber Catsuit on the Street again!  So far it’s the third week that he was dressing in full rubber on the street: rubber […]

Two Rubber Guys Kissing – rubberloki

This is super romantic!!! Two rubber guys, both in full rubber, catsuit, one in black rubber hood, one in transparent yellow rubber hood, and kissing in the afternoon. Wish I was the […]

A Full Rubber Guy jerk off in a Forest, then Fucking another guy-latexintegral

He is in full rubber: catsuit with yellow strips, boots, gas mask, red cock sheath, in a forest and jerking off. Then, changed to harness, rubber gloves, motorcycle boots, and a gasmask to continue jerking […]

Wellie as a Rubberboi in the station on 20120614

Wellie as a Rubberboi in the Station on 20120614

Second week, wellie dressing as a rubberboi in the station! He has quite a busy life, tons of stuff for him to do, so he took it on the friday […]

I am in full rubber

Fully Rubberized at Home

I was at my friend’s house…fully rubberized… in a rubber catsuit, rubber industrial gloves, rubber hood, handcuffs…