24/7 Anal Stretching MEO Ring

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Gear is like a drug, you never can have enough of them..lol.

This 24/7 Anal Stretching Ring MEO is ideal for wearing a butt plug every day.

meo anal ring

Why this Anal Stretching Ring from MEO is so great?

1. Stretching Your ass non-stop.

This anal ring has high-grade aluminum alloy (the same material is used in medical and aeronautical technology), so your ass will keep in open for 24/7.

2. Holding your ass tight.

Some butt plug or anal rings can be easy to pop out suddenly, however, this one tightly holds your ass, so you won’t feel embarrassed if there’s a chance that it will run out of your ass by itself.

3. Easy to shit.

When you are in a butt plug and want to shit, you have to let it out. But with this meo ring, you don’t need to unplug your anal ring.

4. Market Proving.

This anal ring has been on the market for over 10 years, if it’s not a good product, it won’t be on the market 10 years later, right?

MEO Ring Dimensions/Sizes :

Size XS = Beginner = 25mm (1″) NEW
Size S = Beginner = 35mm (1 2/5″)
Size M = Medium = 45 mm (1 3/4″)
Size L = Fuck hole = 55 mm (2 1/5″)
Size XL = Big fist hole = 65 mm (2 1/2″) NEW

Internal diameter -> Small external diameter -> Large external diameter -> Length

XS -> 15 mm -> 25 mm -> 40 mm -> 75 mm
S -> 25 mm -> 35 mm -> 50 mm -> 80 mm
M -> 30 mm -> 45 mm -> 60 mm -> 85 mm
L -> 35 mm -> 55 mm -> 70 mm -> 90 mm
XL -> 45 mm -> 65 mm -> 80 mm -> 95 mm

Anal Stretching Rings provide a non-stop opening. Ideal for 24/7 use.
The feeling of being so “exposed” and so “open” is simply indescribably hot. Visible results in little time. Highly comfortable.

Take a look how it’s in your ass:

Anal stretching ring MEO powered by XTube
Here’s a comment about it:

The plugs are made from a decently weighty polished metal (black) and have a large hole running through the length of them. Once they are in, you are completely open – no way to stop anything dropping out (well, they do sell some rubber corks that do the trick).

I like wearing a nappy/diaper so I have no problem with this “loss of control” concept at all. In fact, I’ve been looking for something like this for quite some time now!

It’s relatively short and sits really snug when it’s inserted… and it comes in 5 sizes… you can either buy the set of 5 or you can buy them individually.

Smooth, good looking;
Huge! Really bigger than you thought

Solid hard, not as soft as dildos

You can check the official website of this toy here


meo ring set

Additional Information about this anal ring:

1.  MEO Anal Stretching Ring wearing videos:


2. How to plug in your MEO Ring:


3. How it will look like when usually normal clothes:


4.Usage pics of this ring:




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  1. hi ray, are y still using meo L or XL? im 80mm dilated, but not for long time, but a 45mm view to asshole sounds great, 10mm more aswith meo L regards sabine


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