A Slave Dog’s Shopping Guide

What a slave dog should dress like?

You can see lots of slave dog dress like this.  simple but include everything essential.


  • Easy to put them on and off
  • Include essencial gear you need to be a puppy dog
  • Budget Friendly 🙂


  • Too much dog meat exposed! I like my dog to be covered from head to toe.
  • No chastity control. without that, a puppy may want to satisfy itself first, so we need a chastity to remind it what it is;


1. Heavy Chain & Lock Collar

How come a dog without a collar?

Details:  Nickel chrome plated chain, comes with a 1″ steel lock. Chain is 20 inches long.

Pro:  A symbol of “dog”, because it is heavy, you actually feel that you are been “locked”. This is especially true when you wear your collar to sleep. and of couse, taking a shower with your collar on.

Cons: You may feel uncomfortable in the first few days going to sleep with it on

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2. Locking Puppy Mitts

A dog should have only paws, not hands!


  • The locking puppy mitts are unlined and have “D” rings on the locking wrists straps.
  • What makes them really different is the zipper that makes them easy to put on and easy to take off…not that you will want them off!
  • The soft leather mitt creates that paw sensation that really completes the “puppy look and feel” really brings you into the “puppy” mind set.

Pros: Immobilize your fingers, and get used to your new “paws”

Cons: You lose your human hands’ ability!

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Or, if you prefer a rubber mitts, click here.


3. Puppy Tail


  • tails are now larger and longer to allow any pup to better communicate with its owner,
  • plugs have been redesigned in an egg shape with a narrow base to help it lock in place making them more comfortable for long term wear,
  • the base of the plug incorporates “The Anvil Design”, which acts both to help keep the tail as upright as possible as well as function as a fulcrum to make wagging your tail up and down as simple as clenching your hole.
  • The silicone is springy and wiggles easily with any body movement. The length and curve of the tail makes it possible to wear standing up too with just a small hole to push the tail through your shorts or pants.

Pros: Cast as one solid piece of silicone, no layers or joints to crack or peel. So it won’t break easily during your fun time

Cons: Well, you cannot sit with this dog tail directly. haha

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4. Leather Dog Muzzle


Pros:  wearer can move the mouth up and down just by biting onto the rubber covered brace

no one can hear your voice! –  acts like a gag, muffling any sounds

Cons: Your Master cannot enjoy your service to his cock! hehe

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Or, you can choose a full leather dog hood / rubber dog hood


5. Leather Knee Pads


Check it out on Mr. S Leather


Some Optional gear for a dog slave:

5.Corcoran Field II Combat Boot Side Zip

Check it out on Mr. S Leather

6.Stainless Steel Chastity Cock Cage with PA Slot

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Some Movies about a slave dog:

Dog Fight from Raging Stallion


And some dog slave videos to entertain youerself when you were dressing in a dog outfit:

How a Master Training his dog

Slave Becomes Dog – ITSALLGOOD5 – xtube


  1. ty roman says:

    pup training vital to the slaves mind evolution—it is vital in development of mind set—501

  2. hiv test says:

    I like the valuable info you provide in your articles.
    I will bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly.
    I am quite sure I’ll learn a lot of new stuff right here!

    Best of luck for the next!

  3. man dog says:

    Hello I’m looking for a coach (female) to make me a puppy

  4. slave dan says:

    Would love to become a slave dog. Your info and gear guide make it all the more enticing!! WoW!!

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