My Pics

My two new "hands"-waders

I am a Gay WADERS MAN !

Bought a new pair of Pro-Line Chest Waders on eBay, and cannot wait to put them on. It is much longer than I expected: The … Read more

vanson leather jacket with hat and tie

Vanson Leather Jacket

My friend is selling his old Vanson leather jacket and it is around my size, so I bought it! My first Leather jacket ever 😉 … Read more

pissing on my jockstrap

Conditioning Leather with PISS

Have you tried drinking piss before? Do you have a gay piss fetish? Ever thought about how to condition your leather with piss and make … Read more

my cowboy boots

My Cowboy Boots

I got this pair of cowboy boots one year ago. It’s a gift from a friend 😉 It’s made in California by a really famous … Read more