Brown Rubber Shirt and Black Rubber Mask

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3 thoughts on “Brown Rubber Shirt and Black Rubber Mask”

  1. MASTER BOOTEDRAY, Love the brown rubber shirt and hot and stunning black rubber mask, and the black rubber pants and the tall black leather boots!!! Very HOT. Very sensual and very sexual. slave loves to lick and worship tall black leather (and rubber) boots and to be under them.

    obedient slave.

  2. I would not know I have very hard time without people from school looking over my back , my library , not even my own house this not safe , it not nice to live looking over your back all time , I did try send some tv series I like on here I know if this ring a bell count duckula Beetlejuice film/cartoon star wars clone wars rebals mighty morphin power rangers , I want try enjoy this lifestyle if I can

  3. sorry but his anyone looking for a blowjob or just sex for fun , I would rank I don’t get on his neves I don’t the pale blue t shit with leather stips black underwear leather


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