Converse Black Patent Leather Sneakers

Originally I really want to buy a pair of Hunter full rubber sneaker, but they are hard to buy in the US…so for an alternative, I bought this pair of shining black patent leather


Look like rubber…so shining….


Normal Converse Box

Yeah. here they are!

Isn’t it shining?

Wanna lick it?

Back of the Converse Black Patent Leather Sneakers

Look from top

Another angel



Wanna be the first boy to clean my Converse?









  1. rugulat says:

    If your still looking for HUNTER Rubber Sneakers, I can give you an advice 🙂

  2. rugulat says:

    very comfy to walk. The low cut sneaker is no problem, no difference to a a converse sneaker which has rubber-soles as well. the high cut sneakers seem to be made for wet days. I have no experiences yet but I think it’s really harder for the feet to breath. On the other hand, I like them so much, so f…. off, I don’t care about that 🙂

    • BootedRAY says:

      I actually like them harder for my feet to breath.

      I like them to seal my feet…so my socks+feet have great sweaty rubber smell :-p haha

  3. Darren says:

    I have the hunter millbank rubber sneaker in black and white they look like a converse. I also have a pair of all rubber converse in red. Both are nice and you can wear them in every situation in public

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