Dirty Rubber Boots Master Meets His Rubber Slave

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I haven't worn my super stinky Levis jeans for a while, and today I am a bit horny on the dirty side, so I wear my dirty rubber boots as well. They are full of piss and cum both inside out 🙂

A sexy rubber slave, right? I put on a very heavy metal shackle on his neck to remind its place.

It is kneeing in front of ME.

I cannot wait as I have been saving my piss for over one hour now.

Shortly I filled this piss gag full for 4 times. And he is obviously struggling with it. You can never have too much piss, eh? haha

Now he is cleaning my Aigle rubber boots.

They are a pair of super stinky boots. I have filled them with piss for over a week, and dried them up later. From inside, you can smell the piss coming in a super strong way.

And this is my new favourite jeans. I cum and piss on it many times. Now they have a very pleasant smell 🙂

A good Master view, right?

It is continuing licking my dirty rubber boots.

Now my dirty rubber boots are all shining. I think it has cleaned all the cum on them.

And of course, it is now worshiping my cock.

And what's next ? you know it 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Dirty Rubber Boots Master Meets His Rubber Slave”

    • I want to serve you master everyway you order me to. Worship you and your body eat your cum drink your piss lick your ass have you drop the spit from your mouth into mine and make me swallow it

  1. GOOD MASTERRAY. Great gear and great control of slave. Great gear MASTER is using. So hot licking ALL the cum off the smelly boots. SO HOT. Then fresh hot cum from MASTER’S hot uc cock. Maybe piss too.

  2. Just curious is this slave 000-950-951? Just curious as I’ve been speaking to him and it sounds like an awesome slave 😊


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