Smoking Cigar In the Weekend

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Another typical weekend and I haven't worn my full leather uniform for a while, so I have decided to put them on and smoke cigar today 🙂

How do I look in VK79 full leather uniform? I like the new brown leather shirt, only wish the leather is softer, not that stiff.

In my favorite Dehner custom-made super shining leather boots.

How do I look in a brown leather shirt and black leather tie? or white leather tie looks better?

What a nice weekend, enjoying my cigar 🙂

Want to be my cigar ashtray?

First have to clean my boots first!

I didn't wear my septum today.

Are you a cigar smoker too?

Here is the cigar smoking video:


Dirty Rubber Boots Master Meets His Rubber Slave

Skinhead Slave Returns for Piss Training


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