Folsom Europe Berlin 2019

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I went back to Folsom Europe Berlin this year, it was so much fun! This is definitely much better than I visited Folsom Europe for the first time a few years back.  I met lots of hot guys and happily joined the Asian leather brunch 🙂



A bit tired after a long day walk, so I sat down enjoying my cigar and coffee with Pup Locky and my new rubber boots friend 🙂

And…I met this hot leather guy DarkLeatherFr…He is really a good kisser! Deep & Wet french kiss 🙂


and last week, I went to Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco as well. I thought it would be better, but just as my old memories, it is nothing compared with Folsom Europe…It was really boring…





Lumberjack Daddy Master Toby – BrutalTops – 477

VK79 Leather Trenchcoat with Brown Leather Shirt


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