My 2015 Kinky Europe Trip

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It was my first time in Europe after all these years! I certainly had one of the best kinky experience ever. I should have come to Europe when I was a student, 5 years ago….

Apparently I am very popular in Europe, every day when I open my phone apps, I always have endless messages coming in ! This testified that even when I am in USA, everyday I always got most messages from European guys.  and most of them are hot and sexy!


This was in France, a rubber guy I talked for a long time.

My raw dawg is very well-used.

He is smiling 🙂

I love fucking!

Fisting his ass

Now he is cooking for me

Later we tried rubber vacuum bed

This is the second guy I met in France, he is very into public sex, and I love it! I have very good chemistry with him.

Licking my sneakers in the stairs in public

I used this rubber hood to put my stinky socks inside his mouth

Now he is breathing my dirty socks

He was licking my leather wesco boots in public

Such a good boot slut!

I stomped on him later on

He likes my smelly socks

This is one of the  SM Apartments in Berlin, I stayed there for 3 days. Unfortunately the guy from Switzerland had to work, so I have to find other guys to use this SM dungeon.

lots of toys I can use

Two metal cages

Medical chair


More restraints

My rubber boots are waiting to be cleaned

Me in rubber uniform

He is my German piss slave

He looks good, right?

What a fucking nice toilet!

Waiting for my piss

Licking my rubber boots


Here is another rubber puppy I met, he is such a cute toilet 😉


Piss is his best drink

Rubber slave waiting for my commands


After this kinky trip, I am really seriously thinking to relocate to Europe!


Trying My Thai Police Uniform

Training SFRubberboi in my 30 Holes Skinboots


4 thoughts on “My 2015 Kinky Europe Trip”

  1. Hi Ray
    Happy New YEAR!!!

    Good to hear you liked your trip to Europe, a pitty I was not aware of your visit would have been fantastic to meet you and invited you to our Dungeon..
    Hope you will be back!!!!!



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