Training SFRubberboi in my 30 Holes Skinboots

It was my first time wearing my new 30 holes skinboots on the street a few days ago. I cannot be more happy to do it again! this pair of 30 holes skinboots gave me more impact than a wesco or dehner. very powerful wearing it 🙂





















  1. Art says:

    WOW I LOVE your pics. VERY HOT!!! Do you ever get to Las Vegas?

  2. ryk says:

    Very powerful demonstration of your superior Mastery. Wondering if i’d prefer to worship You in Your leather boots (as in Your cigar video) or Your splendid 30-hole boots, — and then i realize and accept the fact that what i’d want doesn’t matter in the least: it’s Your dom-pleasure that matters: it would be what i deserve and what You demand: to worship Your boots of choice with my slave tongue.

  3. bornslave says:

    Which brand are these boots?

  4. manxx says:

    Very great and hot looking boots, SIR. Love to be under them, SIR!!! Worship then and lick them, SIR.

  5. manxx says:


    STUNNING AND HOT pictures, MASTER. I would LOVE to worship YOU and them and for all that you wanted, MASTER.


  6. manxx says:


    Under YOU and YOUR boots, MASTER.

    total slave.

  7. Ron says:

    Hi bootedray

    Would have been fantastic, worshiping all your BOOTS including your Waders and RubberBoots, the BOOTSTOMPING you do in this session makes me very horny!!!

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