Slave Hunting in Treasure Island

My friend told me Treasure Island is tearing down all old buildings in the future, and a new Treasure Island will be built up. so I took the last change to take some pics for the old Treasure Island and doing some slave hunting! ( Treasure Island was built by trashes, and currently most people living here are under rent control . I feel really sad about this, where the pool people will go ? San Francisco is just becoming a city only for rich people).




































  1. dan47147 says:

    My God Sir you are so hot this boy almost came in his pants from your pictures, and would love to be hunted, captured, tortured, and placed in your service. Keep up the excellent work Sir.

  2. slavetoby says:

    Really great pics, Sir. i think those are Your hottest boots.

  3. sfcatiger says:

    Very hot, Sir. Next time you are slave hunting in the vicinity, please let me know, Sir. It’d be my honor to be tracked down by you and forced to submit.

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