Folsom Berlin 2016

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Finally, I went to Berlin for my first time for Folsom Berlin.  It was a blast! so many hot kinky guys gathered in Berlin, and chat, meet and have sex 🙂

It is like a 10 times larger than Folsom SF. and I met most of the guys I saw online…now face to face…

and the Rubber Party at LAB is crazy…over 600 people in rubber…chat, drink and having sex…

Of course, I also didn’t meet some guys that supposed to meet during folsom, too many fakes as well 🙁


I am getting more into duck tape lately…..and here is my toy SP 🙂

My Skinhead Slave is quite sexy

He is sniffing my smelly sneakers

Tied him up with duck tapes

Slave is licking my leather boots

Fully mummified with duck tape

My Slave Human Toy



My human cigar ashtray slave

and now my OBJECT W




and my rubber slave in full catsuit




Slave Hunting in Treasure Island

Wearing Leather German Coat in Bayshore SF (Black & White)


2 thoughts on “Folsom Berlin 2016”


    Welcome back. Great and hot new pictures that you have posted and more I see here, and I think taken in a German flat. I am sure that you had a great time in Berlin and now I can see and read that you did have a very great time there..


    I would love to be your slave.


    I would love to lick and worship your tall black leather boots, MASTER.

    I would love to be your obedient slave.



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