Wearing Leather German Coat in Bayshore SF (Black & White)

I bought lots of gear & toys since Folsom Berlin, but haven’t got a chance to take all the pics yet. So this Sunday, by the help of my friend G, we took some pics of me wearing leather german coat in Bayshore SF.

To be more specific, I was wearing my leather shirt, short gloves, officer hat, german breeches & tunic. On the outside I was wearing my newly acquired leather german coat with dehner leather riding boots.























  1. manxx says:

    Great pictures. Stunning. I would love to worship and lick those tall black leather boots and leather covered crotch. Love to be your slave.

  2. manxx says:

    Use that electric prodder on me…

  3. theodogg says:

    This slave loves the black-and-white photos better. They have a more classic look from the past and are sexually more enticing, at least for a slave like this one.

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