Sniff to CUM in My Gas Mask – 201110

One of my oldest video: me in camo pants, leather jacket, wearing a gas mask and start all kinds of sniffing 🙂

Getting ready: in my bullseye rubber boots, german amy pants, black leather jacket and a gas mask.

A detail look of this beautiful boots.

So comfortable wearing them.

Aren’t they shining?

Now I can only breath from what I have in my cotton socks 🙂

Well, even better put the tube inside my boots.


Ok, here is the video:

I actually began by sniffing my super stinky leather jockstrap and leather gloves, which are conditioned by my friend Bobbi, when I first time gave it to him when we met, he was a little surprise he conditioned my leather gear so well – strong piss

and then play with my nipples..they always are my fav soft points.

Then sniff my socks and boots with the help of my gas mask.

And finally..CUM!


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