Wellie Rubber on the Street Project 20120809

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Got wellie’s email a few days ago. He was in rubber on the street again! This time he was in a gas station. So far, he had been in a station, a supermarket,  some normal streets, in a restaurant, now a gas station, I wonder, where he will go for this week?



Here is what he said in his email:

It took the pics at the gas station filling it’s cars tires and tank. When it was blowing up the tires there were 4 young men on bikes who saw it get out of the car and it could hear them talk and laugh. When filling up with gas it got some looks of another man filling his car but nothing was said apart from good day. It felt good showing rubber in public again!


Leather Biker Slave – doran – xtube

Rubber Pig in Action – Pigperve – xtube


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