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Master Billy Humiliated His Rim Slave So Extreme! – Brutaltops

At BrutalTops, horny psycho Master Billy finishes his harsh, humiliating treatment of feeble sub elliott by opening up his asshole and ordering the sub to ram his nose inside. The […]

Master Derek Brutally Fucked His Cunt – Brutaltops -222

At BrutalTops demanding sadist Derek continues his treatment of squirming worm elliott by gobbing in his face and making him lick up the spittle. Both of these hot guys are […]

Master Toby’s Urine Slave-Brutaltops-196

At BrutalTops, pathetic sub Elliot has been one of Master Toby’s bitches for the last two weeks. Master Toby has a reputation for being particularly strict and sadistic at all […]

Toby’s New Pathetic Toilet Slave-Brutaltops-197

At BrutalTops it’s pathetic toilet slave elliott’s lucky day. Sadistic top Toby is allowing the sub to undress him whilst caressing his skin with his hands and kiss and lick […]

Clean a Sweaty Punk Master’s Body by Tongue – Brutal Tops – 176

Brutal Tops Master Wayne is totally nude and covered in sweat from his football training. The dominant Master doesn’t want to shower so takes his sub on a leash and […]

Deep Ass Tongue Bath – Brutal Tops – 164

Wearing only a heavy leather jacket, Mater Kieron pulls open his ass cheeks and reverses his unwashed asshole onto submissive peter’s face at Brutal Tops. First the feeble bottom has […]

Two-Week Cheesy Cock for the slave – Brutal Tops 160

It’s been two long, hot, sweaty weeks since Brutal Tops Master Kieron last had a shower, but with sub peter’s wet sloppy mouth and tongue on hand to give him […]

Brutal Tops – Master Shamus Training this Pathetic Sub -149

  Training this pathetic sub is taking much longer than Master Shamus first thought; He’s building up quite a sweat from all the punishments he’s having to dish out. Putting […]

Pissed Pig Serving Two Masters – Brutal Tops -143

Another hot brutal tops session, Master Derek is going to fuck punter, but first he wants to make sure its slutty arse is clean, ready to receive his thick young pristine […]

Master Shamus Training His Human Horse – Brutal Tops-145

    I like Master Shamus in Brutal Tops. He is quite handsome and muscular, in this episode, he is training his human horse :pony boy james. Master Shamus is in the […]