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How a Punk Abuse His Boot Slave – Brutaltops – 142

This time Master Derek again in brutaltops, he is such a talented Master. Really verbal and dominate! He dressed as punk and abuse his boot slave now: A dirty punter […]

A Pathetic Slave is Tortured as Ashtray and been Farted by Brutaltops-111

Brutaltops Episode 111: A Pathetic Slave is Tortured as Ashtray, Forced drinking beer, eat spit, rim two Master’s asses…and force jerk off. In the end, he was farted by Master […]

Slave’s Cocktail – Brutal Tops – 118

I like this one, and tried similar with a slave before 🙂  Brutal Tops Session 118: Slave’s Cocktail Rock God Master Joel and his brutal roadie Master Toby are having […]

Cleaning a Dirty Mechanic’s Ass – Brutal tops – 119

Cleaning a Dirty Mechanic’s Ass – Brutal tops – 119 Derek’s car needs fixing so he drops it in at Master Guy’s Auto Shop. The hairy mechanic has been hard […]

Slave’s TOILET DUTIES by Master Shamus – Brutal Tops

  This is the same Master from last episode – Master Shamus from Brutal Tops…he is so fucking HOT! a true Master! haha Master Shamus puts the sub’s mouth to good use […]

Gay Slave Initiation – Master Shamus – Brutal Tops

Gay Slave Initiation – Master Shamus – Brutal Tops “Start playing with yourself you dirty little slut… Now, shove two fingers up your arse while you wank…” Anal whore ben […]

Brutal Tops 132 – Work out by Using His slave

    This is another Brutal Tops session I like. Using slave to work out 😉 I like that idea.   Muscular convict Nick keeps in shape by working out […]

Breath Control with Humiliating Fart – Brutaltops 131

I like this breath control session of Brutal Tops, guess what a great way of humiliating a slave:  force him to breath his fart! Derek has placed an airtight rubber […]

Speical Cocktail to Humiliate the slave -BrutalTops 118

Rock God Joel and Master Toby at BrutalTops know that pathetic slutty subs thirst for any contact with their perfect masculine bodies. They get off on humiliating him by making […]


CHAVS’ TRASH A HUMAN  TOILET GOB : PISS : SNOT : ORAL SERVICE : RIMMING : ASHTRAY Scally lads Nick and Lukas are working on their car by a rough […]