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Cigar Smoking and Sling Fuck

Last weekend part 2 at SM apartment Berlin for Cigar Smoking and some sling fuck 🙂 Slave is waiting…                       […]

Forced Cigar Smoke in Head Box

Serious Male Institute has made a new transparent head box, so I went there to try the new toy with a slave. He was forced cigar smoke in head box. […]

Bondage Chair in Cigar Gasmask

Serious male bondage is making a new bondage chair, so I tried it out with a boy lately with me enjoying my cigar 🙂             […]

Smoke a CIGAR in Full Rubber

I bought a pair of red rubber gloves a few weeks ago, never take a picture of it. so today I wear my full rubber set and smoke a cigar. […]

Cigar Smoking with My Boy

After lighting up my cigar, I have a nice cigar smoking session with my boy. As he behave well, I let him out of this chastity, and cum in the […]

Lighting Up My First Cigar

Lighting up my first cigar in full leather in my apt in SF. –a few weeks ago, I got a online deal that they have 10 cigar samples. so I […]

A Pathetic Slave is Tortured as Ashtray and been Farted by Brutaltops-111

Brutaltops Episode 111: A Pathetic Slave is Tortured as Ashtray, Forced drinking beer, eat spit, rim two Master’s asses…and force jerk off. In the end, he was farted by Master […]

Cigar and Leather BB Fucking

Cigar and Leather BB Fucking Piglist: very sensual two leather guys having a cigar, sucking…. awesome chemistry between the two of them!!!! Later on, they begin bb fucking… cigar and […]

Cigar and Leather Fucking – matt_spike – xtube

This guy is super hot!  He is having a cigar and leather fucking his bitches! He is Matt Spike, a great photographer.         FUCKING THE BITCH IN […]

How a Muscle Cop Mix Cigar and Piss

    cigar, piss, and cum with a buddy Sucking the piss and cum outta a buddy while smoking a cigar. Lots of cum in this one. Chugging a Buddy’s […]