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Slave Initiation : Arrival at Door – xtube – slavetrainer77

Love this slave initiation method… new slave – his first visit. Ordered slave to arrive directly from hour long run while self locked in chastity and plugged. Opened the door […]

Are You an Gay Exhibition Slave ? -xtube -sabulum

Being dumb for a friend. Driving around in traffic. I 55 NB. Preparing for a streak to the dock and back. Middle of the day! I took this a minute […]

Been Fisted by Rubberized Hands

hot twinks are been fisted by rubberized hands!!!   moaning twink fisted in sling Twink moans as he is fisted in a sling Skinny twink fised in full rubber suit […]

How a Fisting Pig is been Trained – xtube – eolis

Found out some hot fisting pig videos this weekend:   My fist teacher train my hungry holes My fist teacher train my hungry holes 2 My fist trainer crush my […]

Piss Enema

Asshole in Urinal mode (piss enema) my favorite urinal – one of the hottest ways to use an open submissive asshole … Dr. Peeemeee and Marco10 slave, piss enema

Full Rubber with Pure Raw Fucking Enjoyment – xtube – RubberSkinFicker

Just found another hot rubber guy on xtube, RubberSKinFicker, he is in full rubber and raw fucking his rubber boys…                     […]

Two-Week Cheesy Cock for the slave – Brutal Tops 160

It’s been two long, hot, sweaty weeks since Brutal Tops Master Kieron last had a shower, but with sub peter’s wet sloppy mouth and tongue on hand to give him […]

I am been Fisted in Gear – cybergayman – xtube

Here is the second episode of cybergayman.. this time, he is been fisted in gear at home!   Oh, my ass is so hungry! Nike sneakers+ rubber pants+ rubber t […]

I am a Rubber Fisting Whore and Outdoor Exhibitionist ! – cybergayman – xtube

    Ran into this SUPER SUPER HOT Rubber Fisting Whore on gayromeo…and he is really happy to let everyone knows what a fisting whore he is!   Yes, this […]

When a Rubber Guy Meets a Blue Coverall Farmer

Ever try in full rubber and fucking a blue coverall farmer? Fun in overall and catsuit My BF preparing my hole to be…. Fun in overall and catsuit (part 2)