Rubber Toe Socks

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If you want to be rubber from head to toe, then a pair of rubber toe socks is a must for full rubber lovers 🙂

They look so hot on feet! someone said when wearing them, it feels like someone is licking your all ten toes, lol.

rubber toe socks with rubber gloves

These two pics are from totalenclosure…


This video is from xtube, a sexy rubber guy in rubber cock…and rubber toe socks…


There are another two videos on youtube in latex toe socks:

In Black color:

In Red color:


But it seems really hard to buy 🙁 So far I only found out three online stores sell these rubber toe socks, or called latex toe socks.

If you are in Europe, blackstyle is the only one:,showdetail,1338815096-21530,e,1338815179-32556,,42058,,0Tsuche–socks,.htm

if you are in USA, twist my rubber arm has it:

if you are in Canada, poly morphe has it:


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