rubber surf suit with black rubber boots

Wellie with Rubber Surf Suit inside his Overalls

This week, wellie went to Sweden to have his work in a farm, so I asked him to wear rubber surf suit inside his overalls, and plus a black rubber boots as usual. I have to say, his overalls look really hot! It’s my favorite color: black and red.

Those three pics are taken on 2012-06-04

rubber surf suit inside his overall

rubber boots and overall

Pity that he didn’t take any pics about his rubber surf suit, hehe.

rubber surf suit with black rubber boots

After he back home from the Sweden trip, he quickly dress in full rubber suit on the street again, and take pics as he promise! Wish I live in his city, so he doesn’t have to take pics himself. and I could have lunch with him in a resturant in full rubber. hehe. or shopping in full rubber.

Date: 2012-06-09

Full rubber on the street

Rubber Suit


  1. sonydeboer says:

    Hello my rubberfriend!!! Your pictures and your style is realy great, i love rubber and i am know how is pratic, sexy, style and shyni to use this kind of clothes. You give a good exemple to the peoples using and showing your rubberstyle. i live in Brazil and i try to do the same here, now i am using my suit and a jacket as your, from blackstyle. I love my clothes, thannks and rubber kisses ….muahhhh

  2. Nora boot gay says:

    Hello Nora boot friend!

    I am grazy about guys wearing working clothes and black Nora rubber boots. I am wearing blue working clothes and black Nora boots myself.

    Could we please have more pictures of you Wellie in black Nora boots and work wear! And more from a farm please.

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