My Gates Firefighter 2000 Safety Wellingtons Rubber Boots Arrived!

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It’s really hard to find some hot rubber boots in the USA, well, maybe even in Europe, not many neither. I have an eye for this pair of red gates firefighter 2000 safety wellingtons rubber boots on eBay for a long time, but as the shipping cost is even higher than the boot price, so I have to wait…Last month, finally I have enough money to buy one 🙂

I especially love the red and black color combination. The total black rubber boots are fine, but if add just a little red, that makes the boots even hotter!

So this one, the top and sole of the boots are red, and there’s a pair of handle on top-easy to put it on and off. If the boot toe is also red, then these boots would be perfect. hehe.



















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