My Personal Rubber Urinal Object

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He is quite interested into been objectified, so I made him my personal rubber urinal.  He is in rubber surf suit, chain collar, football shorts,and a rubber urinal hood. This hood has two tubes connected to his nose. So it’s good for some sniffing exercise as well.

I chained his feet to my heat radiator, so he cannot escape. Plus chains around his body.




Later on I let him suck my PA cock, and play with his nipples and cock. Unfortunately my PA is not fully recovered. so when I tried to fuck him, I felt pain 🙁


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3 thoughts on “My Personal Rubber Urinal Object”

  1. This is very hot! I remember well the one time I had the privilege to drink your piss and eat your sweet tasting ass when you were in New York. Thank you Ray!


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