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Two Rubber Puppies Playing Around

Week after folsom, playing with two rubber puppies.  Who lose the bone gets punishments 🙂                               […]

My Personal Rubber Urinal Object

  He is quite interested into been objectified, so I made him my personal rubber urinal.  He is in rubber surf suit, chain collar, football shorts,and a rubber urinal hood. […]



I am a Rubber Fisting Whore and Outdoor Exhibitionist ! – cybergayman – xtube

    Ran into this SUPER SUPER HOT Rubber Fisting Whore on gayromeo…and he is really happy to let everyone knows what a fisting whore he is!   Yes, this […]

Rubber Piss Pig Locked in the Basement -xtube -Areallytallboy

At home, watching xtube…and I found out this hot rubber piss pig is locked in Areallytallboy’s basement as a urinal…and :   He is in full rubber, head to toe, […]

My Gear List

Doing an inventory this week, sold my two pair of leather boots, and planning to buy some new ones. What gear I should buy next? 1. My Leather Gear 1.1 Red […]

Rubberplay in Ruins

He is a super hot and cute rubber guy from Czech Republic, when I first saw his pics, I have an impulse to kiss him 🙂   His Bio: 29, 189 […]

Wellie’s Rubbergimp Trip in UK (11 Layers of RUBBER)

Rubber Whore Wellie had a rubbergimp trip in UK last week, he was ordered to wear several layers of rubber in the airplane, then added to 11 layers of rubber in a […]

Pumped and Cathetered Cock – kinkymusclebear – xtube

  pumped and cathetered cock inserted a catheter and then pumped up my cock while still cathetered pumped and cathetered cock part 2 pumped and cathetered cock part 3 pumped […]

Full Rubber on the Street-20120624-002

Wellie in his new Rubber Catsuit on the Street again on 20120624

My friend Wellie was in his new Rubber Catsuit on the Street again!  So far it’s the third week that he was dressing in full rubber on the street: rubber […]