Wellie’s Rubber on the Street Project (Six Layers of RUBBER)- 20120826

My Rubberwhore Wellie is in rubber on the street again! this week he was wearing rubber in layers to a fist party.

FIRST Layer: rubber sleeveless shirt and a big butt plug

SECOND Layer: cycle suit (bib pants)

THIRD Layer: 0.9mm catsuit

FOURTH Layer: 0.6mm shorty suit and toesocks

FIFTY Layer: 0.35mm catsuit

SIXTH Layer: rubber chaps and long rubber shirt

Rubber Jacket and Rubber boots!

the Layer of rubber shirt and rubber chaps was replaced by a thick sleeping bag

His full rubber outfit on the street.

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  1. RubberBootPig says:

    This is nice project, hope that this continues and turns Wellie more and more openly pervert rubberwhore:)

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