LCBBastard’s Rubber Life Project – 20120830

LCBBastard is a French rubber bastard, he wants to be in a rubber life, so I started a rubber life project for him. And I gave him a new name: LCBBastard= Latex Cuir Bond Bastard.

This is him in full rubber on the street today. He drove to a small city near his place. He is in rubber surfsuit, rubber chaps, rubber polo shirt, butt plug, rubber jacket, rubber socks and rubber gloves.

Part 1: How he dress up in full rubber

1. Taking off his clothes, and wear his butt plug.

2. Put on his rubber surfsuit

3. Front look of this rubber surfsuit

4. Put on his rubber toe socks

5. Put on his rubber chaps with yellow strips and rubber polo shirt, rubber belt

6. Another look of him

7. He is ready

8. Put on this rubber riding boots

9. Back of his rubber outfit

10. Put on his rubber jacket

11. Put on this rubber gloves

12. A brand new LCBBastard is now born! 🙂

2. Videos of him on the street in full rubber

He was driving in full rubber, now getting out of the car:

Walk around in his hot full rubber outfit:


3. To add some fun, when he back home. I ordered him to do some rubber slut training:

I ordered him to piss inside his rubber riding boots, then then drink from it:

Later on, get a big butt plug for hole stretching!

4. How to take of his full rubber outfit

1. One last look of his hot rubber outfit

2. Take off his rubber gloves and rubber jacket

3. Take off his rubber riding boots

4. Take off his rubber chaps

5. Take off his rubber polo shirt

6. Take off his rubber toe socks

7. Take off his butt plug.

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  1. Mark says:

    Wish it was me. Phew!!

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