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A Sweaty and Odorous Arsehole – Brutaltops – 245

At BrutalTops vicious Master Jack returns to complete the harsh treatment of sniveling worm elliott. He discovers the sub completely nude and orders him to get down onto all fours. […]

Brutaltops – Force Feeding for Slave

At BrutalTops, vicious sadistic Master Stewart completes his damaging treatment of sub elliott. He finds the worm completely naked, waiting forlornly for the session to begin. The Master gobs out […]

Drinking From Master Derek’s Dirty Ass – Brutaltops 207

Angry Master Derek from Brutaltops continues to damage his squirming, pathetic sub. Lashed to a bench, the defeated sub is harshly caned until his ass cheeks are quite red raw. […]

Ride a Pony in a Public Bathroom – BrutalTops 208

At BrutalTops angry, muscular Master Jaime finds his pathetic sub trussed up on the ground of his sordid basement. Disgusted by what a worm this sub is, the Master makes […]

Drinking From Master’s Ass – Brutaltops 199

Brutaltops Sadistic Master Toby approaches his whimpering sub with a commanding fiendish stare. The sub has to use his mouth to retrieve the key to his chastity collar from Master […]

How to Ride a Gagged Pony Slave – Brutaltops

Brutaltops Psycho schoolboy Derek screams abuse at his naked sub and sneers at his inability to prevent the Master from doing whatever he likes to this submissive, damaged worm. Derek […]

Rugby Master Punishing his slave – Brutal Tops

BrutalTops Master Dave is back and feeling meaner and more crazed to dish out punishment than ever before. He’s just finished rugby training and stinks of stale sweat. He drags […]

Humiliate a New Dog Slave – Brutaltops – 173

At BrutalTops Master Darren and Master Dave get hold of a new sub and drag him in for doggy training. These handsome Masters need their sweaty assholes attending to but […]

Conquering Another Slave by Brutal Tops 171

In their army uniforms, Master Dave and Master Mike drag in pathetic new sub jonah who fights back feebly but is soon stripped naked after a beating. The BrutalTops make […]

A Pathetic Slave is Tortured as Ashtray and been Farted by Brutaltops-111

Brutaltops Episode 111: A Pathetic Slave is Tortured as Ashtray, Forced drinking beer, eat spit, rim two Master’s asses…and force jerk off. In the end, he was farted by Master […]