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Trying Out Raw Dawg with My Slave

I bought this Raw Dawg for a while now, but haven’t used it often enough. So today I made it useful again 🙂   He has a smooth body. My […]

My Leather Halloween Costume

        My friend asked what costume I will be dressing for Halloween, well, of course I will be dressing in my full leather Halloween costume 🙂 Here […]

Folsom SF 2014 is Amazing!

I have to say: since I relocated to SF, I am so happy about the kinky life here, especially Dore Alley and Folsom SF 2014!  It is quite excited to see […]

Mummification and Toliet Training with Bob

Bob again, who is into mummification and torture! 🙂   This is before our lunch.  I used duct tape to immobilized him,  and force his mouth to lick and clean […]

Red Bondage Rubber Slave in Training

This boy is really into bondage and rubber, especially red rubber. so I gave him some rubber slave training. Fully rubberized, and chained to my apartment, so you are not […]

Two Slaves in One Rack for Mummification

B built a new bondage toy, and a puppy is visiting SF. So I got first hand experience on them with this new bondage furniture. They said this mummification made […]

My New Leather Dehner Patrol Boots Just Arrived!

      Waited for 2 months, finally my leather dehner patrol boots arrived this week! What a surprise!  I already have a pair of wesco boots and chippewa patrol […]

Trying My New German Leather Carpenter Pants

Finally arrived last week! I was planning to get pair of german leather carpenter pants for a long time! You know, it’s super expensive to get a pair of leather […]

Red Rubber Slave Training

I went to Mr. S to get some rubber gear for my slave. It’s his first time been a rubber slave.  Quite excited. The outfit I chose for him looks quite […]

Smoke a CIGAR in Full Rubber

I bought a pair of red rubber gloves a few weeks ago, never take a picture of it. so today I wear my full rubber set and smoke a cigar. […]