Meet My Slave BF Dino 2nd Time

This time, I met my slave bf Dino in Switzerland and Berlin!         Funny that after we had lunch in Berlin, this is the word from fortune […]

My Slave BF Dino Visiting SF

Finally meeting my slave dino for the first time in SF! Very nice to meet him, have lots of surprises from him, and we did so many things I couldn’t […]

Forced Cigar Smoke in Head Box

Serious Male Institute has made a new transparent head box, so I went there to try the new toy with a slave. He was forced cigar smoke in head box. […]

My Future Slave

Looking forward to meet my slave in two months.                  

Piss & Whips On the Cross

I met Bob & Eric a few weeks ago, and tried the cross at their favorite SM play space  – SF Citadel, and tried piss and whips on Eric.   […]

Fag Expose: dennis

I have been chatting to this fag for a while, such a pussy from Germany! So here comes my fag expose post again. I was the first person to post […]

24/7/365 Sklaven

Ich suche einen realen 24/7/365 Sklaven. Melde dich JETZT!   So wird dein typischer Tagesablauf aussehen: Morgens: Du machst mir mein Frühstück und weckst mich danach auf. Du ziehst deinen […]

Human Table in Duck Tape

Locky is back in SF again. so this time I gave him some duck tape mummification dog spike collar + rubber suit + rubber socks + red rubber gloves + […]

Leather German Coat in Bayshore SF (Color)

This time they are all color pics! what do you think? the black & white better or the color better in my leather german coat?           […]

Wearing Leather German Coat in Bayshore SF (Black & White)

I bought lots of gear & toys since Folsom Berlin, but haven’t got a chance to take all the pics yet. So this Sunday, by the help of my friend […]